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Hello from Berlin,

the 36th Chaos Communication Congress will be again at the end of
December in Leipzig, Germany. As in the last years CryptoParty will be
present with it's own assembly and workshops. If you want to be part of
it please do. In order to get a ticket a voucher is needed which you can
get through me. But please have a look at the information provided below

I'd very much like to point out that a lot of people want to go to this
event so time is an issue here. After you paid for your ticket another
voucher will be created. Please give them my email address so following
vouchers reach me as quickly as possibly allowing me to give it the next
person on my waiting list (had one the last years so there will be one
this year, too).

Last but not least I would like to point out that we want to do our
share in improving diversity at CCC Congress. If you're interested in
some of the things happening at Congress (meeting people, talks, etc)
but think you don't know enough yet to deserve getting a
ticket....please reconsider! Everyone started somewhere and that was at
zero. If you're reading this here it's very likely you know at least
something which means you very much deserve a place at 36C3. Just reply
to this email and I'll put you on the list for a voucher.

More details on the CryptoParty assembly will follow soon and of course
everyone can contribute. Maybe someone would like to create the
following page: https://cryptoparty.in/36c3 based on the one from last
year (https://cryptoparty.in/35c3)?

This is also a good time to start thinking about CryptoParty sessions
you'd like to offer. I will again print our schedule and put it up all
over the venue. For your session to be included I will need details
(day, time, room, title) until Dec 18th though!!!

Tickets can be bought here: https://tickets.events.ccc.de (starting on
**October 21st, 18:00 CET**)
Vouchers can only be used until November 7th or until all tickets have
been sold...depending on what happens first.
For more infos: https://tickets.events.ccc.de/36c3/docs/

Ciao and I hope to see many of you in Leipzig,

P.S.: and even more information on the ticket shop webpage and anything
related to it:


(English version below.)


wie die letzten Jahre starten wir den Vorverkauf für den diesjährigen
Chaos Communication Congress (36C3) mit einer Vocherphase vor dem
öffentlichen Verkauf.

Als chaosnahe Gruppe bzw Ansprechpartner für eine solche (Cryptoparty)
bekommt ihr eine Liste von Voucher-Codes. Damit könnt ihr unter
https://tickets.events.ccc.de ab **dem 21. Oktober um 18 Uhr MEZ**
Tickets kaufen.

Die Voucher replizieren sich, das heißt: Im Bestellvorgang könnt ihr
eine Mailadresse nennen, an die wir einen weiteren Voucher senden
sollen. 1-2 Tage nachdem wir den Zahlungseingang verbuchen, werden wir
an diese Adresse einen weiteren (wieder replizierenden) Voucher
versenden, falls die Voucherphase noch nicht beendet ist. Die
Voucherphase endet am **7. November, oder früher, wenn das Kontingent
aufgebraucht ist** vorbei.

**Bitte verteilt die Voucher in eurem Umfeld!** Das heißt innerhalb der
Gruppe, aber bitte auch in eurem sozialen und geographischen Umfeld, das
nicht anders angebunden ist. Diese Voucher sind explizit **nicht nur für
eure Mitglieder** gedacht!


Mehr Infos zum Verlauf findet ihr unter

Bis in Leipzig,
Die 36C3-Orga


For this year's Chaos Communication Congress (36C3) we are again opening
the presale with a voucher phase prior to
the public presale.

As a group (Cryptoparty) that has participated in last year's Congress,
we're sending you a list of vouchers that can be used to buy tickets at
http://tickets.events.ccc.de starting on **October 21st, 18:00 CET**.

The vouchers are replicating: During checkout, you can give us the email
address of another person who we should send a voucher to. One or two
days after we received your payment, we will send a new (again,
replicating) voucher to them, if the voucher phase is not over yet. The
voucher phase is over **on 2019-11-07 or earlier, if it is sold out**.

**Please spread those vouchers in your community and its surroundings**
(both socially and geographically). The vouchers are explicitly **not
only for your members**, but are meant for people who belong (or should
belong) in the Chaos community, and to bring the community closer.
Please invite people to 36C3 whom *you*'d like to see there.


You can find more information on the process at

See you in Leipzig!
The 36C3 orga

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