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A quick update on the voucher situation. Currently I have a bit of a
waiting list. You can still email me to be added but I'm not exactly
sure if everyone will get a voucher in time. Keeping your eyes open for
alternative voucher sources might be worth it.


Dawning Sun:
> Hello from Berlin,
> the 36th Chaos Communication Congress will be again at the end of
> December in Leipzig, Germany. As in the last years CryptoParty will be
> present with it's own assembly and workshops. If you want to be part of
> it please do. In order to get a ticket a voucher is needed which you can
> get through me. But please have a look at the information provided below
> first.
> I'd very much like to point out that a lot of people want to go to this
> event so time is an issue here. After you paid for your ticket another
> voucher will be created. Please give them my email address so following
> vouchers reach me as quickly as possibly allowing me to give it the next
> person on my waiting list (had one the last years so there will be one
> this year, too).
> Last but not least I would like to point out that we want to do our
> share in improving diversity at CCC Congress. If you're interested in
> some of the things happening at Congress (meeting people, talks, etc)
> but think you don't know enough yet to deserve getting a
> ticket....please reconsider! Everyone started somewhere and that was at
> zero. If you're reading this here it's very likely you know at least
> something which means you very much deserve a place at 36C3. Just reply
> to this email and I'll put you on the list for a voucher.
> More details on the CryptoParty assembly will follow soon and of course
> everyone can contribute. Maybe someone would like to create the
> following page: https://cryptoparty.in/36c3 based on the one from last
> year (https://cryptoparty.in/35c3)?
> This is also a good time to start thinking about CryptoParty sessions
> you'd like to offer. I will again print our schedule and put it up all
> over the venue. For your session to be included I will need details
> (day, time, room, title) until Dec 18th though!!!
> Tickets can be bought here: https://tickets.events.ccc.de (starting on
> **October 21st, 18:00 CET**)
> Vouchers can only be used until November 7th or until all tickets have
> been sold...depending on what happens first.
> For more infos: https://tickets.events.ccc.de/36c3/docs/
> Ciao and I hope to see many of you in Leipzig,
> Crille.
> P.S.: and even more information on the ticket shop webpage and anything
> related to it:
> ------------------------------------------------------------------
> (English version below.)
> Hi,
> wie die letzten Jahre starten wir den Vorverkauf für den diesjährigen
> Chaos Communication Congress (36C3) mit einer Vocherphase vor dem
> öffentlichen Verkauf.
> Als chaosnahe Gruppe bzw Ansprechpartner für eine solche (Cryptoparty)
> bekommt ihr eine Liste von Voucher-Codes. Damit könnt ihr unter
> https://tickets.events.ccc.de ab **dem 21. Oktober um 18 Uhr MEZ**
> Tickets kaufen.
> Die Voucher replizieren sich, das heißt: Im Bestellvorgang könnt ihr
> eine Mailadresse nennen, an die wir einen weiteren Voucher senden
> sollen. 1-2 Tage nachdem wir den Zahlungseingang verbuchen, werden wir
> an diese Adresse einen weiteren (wieder replizierenden) Voucher
> versenden, falls die Voucherphase noch nicht beendet ist. Die
> Voucherphase endet am **7. November, oder früher, wenn das Kontingent
> aufgebraucht ist** vorbei.
> **Bitte verteilt die Voucher in eurem Umfeld!** Das heißt innerhalb der
> Gruppe, aber bitte auch in eurem sozialen und geographischen Umfeld, das
> nicht anders angebunden ist. Diese Voucher sind explizit **nicht nur für
> eure Mitglieder** gedacht!
> [...]
> Mehr Infos zum Verlauf findet ihr unter
> https://tickets.events.ccc.de/36c3/docs/
> Bis in Leipzig,
> Die 36C3-Orga
> -------
> Hi,
> For this year's Chaos Communication Congress (36C3) we are again opening
> the presale with a voucher phase prior to
> the public presale.
> As a group (Cryptoparty) that has participated in last year's Congress,
> we're sending you a list of vouchers that can be used to buy tickets at
> http://tickets.events.ccc.de starting on **October 21st, 18:00 CET**.
> The vouchers are replicating: During checkout, you can give us the email
> address of another person who we should send a voucher to. One or two
> days after we received your payment, we will send a new (again,
> replicating) voucher to them, if the voucher phase is not over yet. The
> voucher phase is over **on 2019-11-07 or earlier, if it is sold out**.
> **Please spread those vouchers in your community and its surroundings**
> (both socially and geographically). The vouchers are explicitly **not
> only for your members**, but are meant for people who belong (or should
> belong) in the Chaos community, and to bring the community closer.
> Please invite people to 36C3 whom *you*'d like to see there.
> [...]
> You can find more information on the process at
> https://tickets.events.ccc.de/36c3/docs/
> See you in Leipzig!
> The 36C3 orga
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