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Re: [cp-global] upcoming changes to the CryptoParty mailing list

postmaster@xxxxxxxxxxxxxx transcribed 0.9K bytes on 23-Apr-2022 11:54:
> Good news, the current cryptoparty.is server has been removed from all spam
> blacklists, and all other email providers are accepting our messages again.
> As mentioned before, the software operating this list will soon be changed
> to mlmmj, because the current mailman 2 is no longer supported.
> As you are a current subscriber of this "global" CryptoParty mailing list,
> you will soon receive a welcome email from the new list software.
> The current information web page
>    https://cryptoparty.is/mailman/listinfo/global
> will also be changed soon to redirect to the new page.
> If you wish to remain subscribed to the list, no action is necessary.
> The new welcome message will contain instructions how to manage your
> list membership.
> Your Postmaster

Thank you for keeping this running!!!