[CryptoParty] passing on a press request from SPIEGEL TV

ml at enteig.net ml at enteig.net
Wed Jun 26 10:21:57 GMT 2013

[draft to anne-sophie_hessler at spiegel-tv.de. is everybody fine with 

Dear Ms Hessler,

> We are looking for a crypto party in Germany thisweek, we may 
> accompany the camera for our TV magazine. We want on Sunday, 
> 30.06.2013 deal in our mission with PRISM and Internet monitoring and 
> appreciate your help.

you can find upcoming parties here: 

Sadly, there is none announced for this week.

I hope you will mention Crypto- and similar parties with its topics like 
GPG, Tor and OTR next to projects like Freifunk, Unhosted, ownCloud, 
Diaspora and Raspberry Pi anyway, since IT literacy and independence are 
the only reasonable ways to counterbalance legislation like PRISM and 
mitigate mass surveillance.


Malte Dik

GPG: http://www.gnupg.org/
Tor: https://torproject.org
OTR: http://www.cypherpunks.ca/otr/

Freifunk: http://start.freifunk.net/
Unhosted: https://unhosted.org/
ownCloud: https://owncloud.org (software) / https://owncloud.com 
Diaspora: http://wiki.diasporafoundation.org/
Raspberry Pi: http://raspberrypi.org

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