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this is mainly relevant for people in Germany but in order not to be inpolite 
I write this in English.

In October 2012 I started giving regular OpenPGP courses at the Berlin Linux 
User Group (BeLUG, http://www.belug.de/openpgp.html). Because one more person 
giving such courses does not make a big difference I started this website a 
few weeks later:

       (English summary at http://www.openpgp-courses.org/)

Years ago I have started writing one of the most comprehensive (and most 
correct...) German web pages about OpenPGP (which is in Google's top 10 for 
the keyword openpgp):


My first aim is to help creating a huge lot of regular (high quality) courses 
all over Germany (and help and motivate others to do something similar 
abroad). My second aim is to increase the demand for such courses accordingly.

I try to reach the first aim by offering my teaching experience and my 
resulting thought, my OpenPGP expert knowledge, and teaching materials. One of 
my best offers is my bash script for the generation of high quality keys in a 
secure environment (e.g. Knoppix). My belief is that new users need not know 
much about cryptography but that even their first key should be generated with 
expert knowledge instead of "Do it yourself, click here and there and now you 
have a key" (and the illusion of security). BTW: The recommendations in your 
handbook are not what I think most experts would suggest. In addition to the 
help with regards to content I try to help with the organizational part (by 
bringing different people together). The less a lecturer has to do the more 
willing lecturers I will find (and the more courses can each of them give).

In regard to the second aim I have developed (and, of course, am still working 
on it) a strategy for OpenPGP promotion (it's on the site).

Why do I post this to a Cryptoparty mailing list? The simple answer is: 
Somebody who organizes Cryptoparty events has pointed me at it. :-)

But seriously: Those of you who are interested in teaching OpenPGP may find my 
web site useful. If some of you think that their local Cryptoparty events are 
suitable for people who mainly (or even only) want to learn OpenPGP then I 
will happily add you to my courses list.

If you have technical questions about OpenPGP or want "remote support" for 
your (first) courses then I am willing to help. Or if you want to improve the 
OpenPGP part of your handbook...

I would be glad if anybody is interested in working on the promotion strategy 
(or even in helping to execute it).

To tell the truth I am not convinced that the Cryptoparty approach (as I 
understand it) it the right one. Lack of knowledge is dangerous with security. 
I realize how limited the amount of knowledge is which you can through at 
normal people on a single event. I once attended to a Cryptoparty in Berlin 
and was a bit shocked about the amount of rather useless information for 
beginners. In my opinion beginners should get used to one tool (reasonably a 
powerful one that everyone needs i.e. OpenPGP) first. If they have become 
familiar with the concepts after a few months then it should be much easier 
for them to understand (and use) the others. Nonetheless I can well imagine 
some kind of cooperation (even if it is just personal).


☺ http://www.openpgp-schulungen.de/
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