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Johannes Fürmann johannes at weltraumpflege.org
Wed Jan 8 13:59:13 GMT 2014

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On 01/08/2014 05:34 AM, Sloop wrote:
> Hi everyone,
Hi Sloop,

> * An anonymous meetup.com-like system for creating, requesting,
> and marking attendance to Cryptoparties. I do not believe the use
> of Wikis for this is accessible or the most efficient means of
> creating gatherings for a primary audience of non-technical
> people.

Some people, including Sam, Moritz an myself have been working on a
Cryptoparty web application [0] last year. Because of reasons, the app
is not currently deployed anywhere

> I understand the decentralised ideology and the danger of a
> completely centralised 'portal' if you like, but, I'm also wary of
> the Cryptoparty message being confined to a primarily technical
> audience.

This is not a problem IMHO. The work itself, i.e. the organization and
implementation of communities will be done in local communities,
independent of a central portal or web application!

> I don't mean to barge in on everyone, I do know considerable work
> has been going on. I do feel as though the climate is right to
> re-arm Cryptoparty, and I'd like to add some energy.

Awesome! Thanks!


[0] https://github.com/cryptoparty/cryptoparty.in

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