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Wed Mar 5 06:20:37 GMT 2014

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On 24/01/14 08:53, Moritz wrote:
> On 01/24/2014 07:13 AM, sloop at cryptoparty.org wrote:
>> If people would like me to setup subdomains, please let me know
>> what your IP addresses are + subdomain prefix, and I can get it
>> setup.
> We had the idea of offering a pre-configured subdomain per country,
> as well as one mailing list per country. The infrastructure for
> this is pretty much set up.
> https://template.crypto-party.org/ https://lists.crypto-party.org/
> If you like the idea, we can move this forward.
> All you have to do is set up a wildcard DNS entry for
> *.cryptoparty.org. I would suggest setting up *.cryptoparty.org as
> a CNAME for one domain, say, countries.cryptoparty.org, and
> countries.cryptoparty.org with:
> A AAAA 2a02:180:a:25:5::1
> We can still make changes to the default template. We should add 
> instructions to the main wiki that activists "per country" can get
> the A/MX records changed. We have an "admin" mailinglist somewhere
> that you should be added to.
> I can then copy the template to match the country codes. The lists
> need to be reconfigured to use (lists.)cryptoparty.org.
> You can point www.cryptoparty.org at the main wiki in pretty much
> the same way. We can then redirect cryptoparty.in/* to
> cryptoparty.org, and use cryptoparty.in in the long run for the
> event calendar. I know Sam is working on cleaning up the event
> calendar.
> Any chance you can hang around in #cryptoparty on OFTC to
> coordinate this?
> In my opinion we should finally set all this up, and someone
> should write a nice Press Release around it for an official
> launch.
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Thanks for these detailed notes Mo, well remembered. This was indeed
the plan or the general consensus as far as I recall and there were a
lot of conversations and meetings to cover this at the various camps
and meetups in the last year or so. Thanks for covering all the
important details Mo! <3

So Sloop, Mo et al. cya in IRC ^_^

p.s. I definitely need a bit more help with the python development.
There have been some great users submitting issues but I need more
people forking and submitting pull requests! Can we do a callout for
devs somewhere?

Kind Regards,


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