[cp-global] countries or languages?

Kai Engert kaie at kuix.de
Wed Mar 5 08:44:25 GMT 2014

On Mi, 2014-03-05 at 07:22 +0100, Samuel Carlisle wrote: 
> That is interesting in terms of the information content and the
> ability to discuss in native language i.e. a discuss list but in terms
> or organising a physical meetup is it not tied more to geographic
> regions i.e. countries?
> I guess it works both ways?

I agree that people in the US, UK and AU would want their own local
lists, but I guess they wouldn't want to duplicate the content, because
they all speak english. Having an empty UK wiki might be confusing, if
people in the UK are told they must visit the US wiki, as that's where
all educational content is maintained.

Would it make sense to have:
- one wiki per language, shared by everyone speaking that language
- one mailing list per country

With this path we would have to avoid ambiguities, e.g. is
"de.cryptoparty.org" a domain for the region germany, or for the
language german? We'd need to come up with a scheme that distinguishes
language and region clearly.

One possible approach could be:
- use language names for the wikis, e.g.
  french.cryptoparty.org, german.cryptoparty.org, ...
- use country codes for the mailing lists, e.g.
  fr.cryptoparty.org, de.cryptoparty.org ...


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