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Hey folks!

The NSA deputy director Mr. Richard Ledgett gave a speech of 0.5 h at
the conference TED2014 (1). It's worth watching it to get an impression
of the opinion of the wiretapping services.

In general I like it that the surveillants come out of their Faraday
cages and contribute to the discussion. In open and democratic
societies, like we still are in the western hemisphere, there *must* be
a public debate about agencies who are capable to intercept, store and
automatically analyze _every electronic sign of life of every citizen_.

One plea: Could an English native speaker perhaps write a transcript of
the talk? That's better to file and to discuss. As German it always
takes me very long to transcript an English interview.

I added the link with the TED talk to our Graz-site (2), in two weeks we
party again.

Some technical stuff: The NSA "hunts sys admins" to get access to
communication nets with persons of interest (3). They use their QUANTUM
hacking to present the admins e. g. faked Facebook sites on their shadow
servers, prepared with malware. With that technique and faked LinkedIn
sites the British GCHQ cracked Brussels Belgacom to wiretap the whole
European Comission, "Operation Socialist" (4).
==> Actually I am very glad not to be an admin, only a small cryptoparty
guy :-))

But one should be clear that not only NSA and GCHQ are wiretapping
everything. Every secret service in the world runs similar programs,
perhaps much more intrusive in less-free countries.

Best regards and stay obfuscating!


(2) https://cryptoparty.at/graz

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