[cp-global] trying something "new": Living Room Cryptoparties

dawning_sun dawning_sun at gmx.net
Sat Mar 22 17:47:27 GMT 2014

Hey folks,

two months ago we the idea for a slightly different format for the
Cryptoparty. Living Room Cryptoparties.
The core principles still apply obviously, since they're what makes them
so great.

Instead of organizing a room with internet and organizing people you
leave that to them. This way we'd get groups that already communicate on
regular basis. It also takes less helpers.

We're about to try it in Berlin and thought that we should also put it
out, too. Maybe some of us even tried it already and have some feedback?
Effectively every private party for your friends already has been such a
living room Cryptoparty.

Will keep you posted how things go.

Kind regards,

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