[cp-global] Restarting the countries and languages discussion

Bob Jonkman bjonkman at sobac.com
Mon Mar 24 18:28:36 GMT 2014

Why not remove all ambiguity and use the full name of the country?

  canada at canada.cryptoparty.org

That way it doesn't get confused with

  catalan at catalan.cryptoparty.org

(since both the country Canada and the language Catalan have the
abbreviation "ca")

And is the subdomain necessary? Would this mailing list address work?

  canada at cryptoparty.org

--Bob, who is amazed that a log of the #cryptoparty IRC channel would
end up in his spam bucket.

On 14-03-24 05:06 PM, Kai Engert wrote:
> The world is more complicated than I had assumed. Wikipedia does refer
> to some languages using 3-letter codes (for example: Fiji Hindi).
> This means, the idea to use 3-letter codes for countries could result in
> ambiguity, should we ever decide to support 3-letter-code languages. For
> now, I suggest we limit ourselves to the 2-letter code languages.
> Anyway...
> I've prepared lists of 2-letter language and 3-letter country codes.
> The 2-letter language codes were collected from www.wikipedia.org
> selecting all languages that have more than 10000 pages, and removing
> all languages that use a three letter code.
> The 3-letter country codes is the full list of all countries from
> wikipedia.
> The files are available from here:
> https://cryptoparty.is/misc/cp-language-and-country-codes.zip
> (The archive contains two text files, which are encoded in UTF-8.)
> Kai
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