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Mon Mar 24 21:26:09 GMT 2014


On 24.03.2014 19:23, Bob Jonkman wrote:>> Can we simply use addresses
like this?
>>   de [at] de.cryptoparty.org
>>   uk [at] uk.cryptoparty.org
> In which case I'd prefer
>   list [at] ca.cryptoparty.org

> Is there room in the hierarchy for a Canadian list and/or wiki?

Yes, the dynamics needs to stay there. See the other thread for the
technical solution.


Mailinglist: country-based
Wikis: language-based, with the option to additional country (or
whatever subgroups can exists)

The fear we came from: Hundrets of abandoned wikis :(. Language already
makes it much more compact, and it makes more sense as it is about

I believe regarding the amount we should just setup the basic needs for
now. Maybe one person from this list (or so) could just feel responsible
for the languages/countries in their area and check if there are people
actually doing cryptoparties - I would say if there is even one person
asking for $language/$country we just set it up?

Next question that arises is content check. I atm feel like just having
a disclaimer and you are already out of the most things. But I am afraid
this is not possible in our web any more :(

If everything is one wiki we would recon spam ect. quickly I guess. But
if people start writing in different languages we need to have a tiny
decentralized trust that there is no evil content - people that kinda
care for some area, as described above. Also ideally on the social side:
if people show up, mentoring them as well within their cultural context.

Especially cryptoparty-wikis should live from people that learned
something and want to share and explore. Also collecting all those
initiatives and guides that already exists, software and howtos, so many
ends could be covered, if it's also used as a dump. And if it stays
free, and searchable.

So now what languages to start with? I would say not more then the "100
000+" from wikipdia, if not even only the "1 000 000+" (see pastes
below) or some amount in the middle.

Or what about just gathering the requests right now? Who wants to have
language, and/or country? Then we also can figure out who/ what group
takes up a little of the content-checks?

Sorry for bringing up this so late, wasnt following too much :(
But is the needs already collected somewhere? Do we have a list of
active countries except https://www.cryptoparty.in/location? What about
just extracting those languages there? Also what about the migration of
that stuff? huh....

Just to start with a few, and see which ones will get filled at all...

Another thing: How to sort all the global stuff? I would leave it in en.
namespace and just see it as global.

Sorry for all the text.


Languages wikipedia:

1 000 000+
*  Deutsch • English • Español • Français • Italiano • Nederlands •
Polski • Русский • Svenska

(just got aware that this is a quite a "north-midwest" list of languages
:((( )

100 000+
العربية • Български • Català • Česky • Dansk • Eesti • Esperanto •
Euskara • فارسی • Galego • 한국어 • Հայերեն • हिन्दी • Hrvatski • Bahasa
Indonesia • עברית • Latina • Lietuvių • Magyar • Bahasa Melayu • Baso
Minangkabau • 日本語 • Norsk (bokmål • nynorsk) • Oʻzbekcha • Português
• Қазақша / Qazaqşa / قازاقشا • Română • Simple English • Sinugboanon •
Slovenčina • Slovenščina • Српски / Srpski • Srpskohrvatski /
Српскохрватски • Suomi • Türkçe • Українська • Tiếng Việt • Volapük •
Winaray • 中文

(are we able to have all those different scripts in the wikis then, too?
Guess that will be more difficult)

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