[cp-global] Cryptoparty in 2019

Malte malte at wk3.org
Mon Sep 2 06:27:51 GMT 2019

> On 01.09.19 21:14, hostilius wrote:
> > Friends, let's reflect on the project.
> > 
> > Are the information and the resources provided by Cryptoparty still up
> > to date?
> > Have we gotten sufficient contributions to keep it that way?
> > Does the web site and the handbook explain all the latest tools, apps
> > and services that people in 2019 need to protect themselves?
> > Does Cryptoparty still serve the purpose that was intended when it was
> > started?
> > Can Cryptoparty be recommended as the best place to learn about all the
> > latest stuff?
> > 
> > Take care.
> > Hostilius


who are you, and why are you asking these questions?

I mean, thank you for doing so, because that way I figured that the
description text of this mailing list is heavily outdated, and that
its DMARC settings need to be updated, too, but apart from that:

What are _your_ thoughts and opinions to those questions?



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