[cp-global] More cryptoparties in Berlin possible?

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Sat Aug 31 00:28:45 GMT 2013

Hi Malte,

Maybe we're again at the point that already was causing us trouble in the past: There is no commonly accepted site listing all upcoming cryptoparties in Germany. We're having one, the Pirate Party has one (and invites everyone to list their events, regardless of the political background), and root knows how many other blogs and wikis are re-inventing the wheel as well. The request I received was also complaining about this. As a common user there is no easy way for me to tell when to go where if I want to know more about a certain topic. In this special case the requestor was fully aware of Hauke's weekly meetings and would gladly attend, but because the topic of interest collided with other appointments she now has to wait for the next bi-monthly general-topic event.

Best regards,

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