[cp-global] More cryptoparties in Berlin possible?

sva sva at cryptoparty.in
Sat Aug 31 06:49:27 GMT 2013


On 08/31/2013 02:00 AM, jrsusenet-cryptopartyml1305 at yahoo.de wrote:
> I'm slightly surprised to read that there's only 
> a bi-monthly general-topic event

Afaik is sam already in touch with c-base and plans to have another
bi-monthly event there, so that there will be a monthly event in sum.
Maybe he can add some more information on this :)

Regarding to CCCB, one could ask around for manpower (i could just drop
a note on the ML, but where should it linkt those ppl then?). But the
hackerspace is (first) a pretty private room and (second) will fit not
that much people. First might not be a problem for a e.g. monthly event,
but second i see critical. c-base is a much better place, and i guess it
might be not a problem to have the event monthly there as well, if there
is enough manpower.

Bavaria/Mother: Were exactly are you located? Afaik the planning of a
cryptoparty in the munichs ccc is just idling atm. If someone new would
join it could happen pretty easy. Also i could connect you to other
people in that area. Here is the link to muccc:

Cheers from the top of the world (himalayas),

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